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LUPIN BIO SCIENCE  is the fastest growing Animal Healthcare Group in India having experience around ONE decades in Manufacturing and Marketing of Animal Healthcare specialities. LUPIN BIO SCIENCE Core business and remains the development of wide range of pharmaceutical formulations covering all the sectors related to Poultry, Veterinary and Aquaculture. A strong team of professionals working with a passion of business synergizing the energies in a dynamic and congenial environment towards a common goal i.e.,QUALITY & SERVICE. LUPIN BIO SCIENCE is engaged in a spectrum of activities to fall its obligations towards environment, society and its community.


The above quality policy is achieved through the following measurable quality objectives by :

  • Motivating all the employees by imparting appropriate training in achieving the organizational goals.
  • Implementing and maintaining ISO 9001:2000 quality system standards.
  • Procuring quality inputs and services in a cost effective way.
  • Optimum utilisation of all the resources by minimising storage/handling/process losses by fixing accountability;
  • Timely upgradation of technology for improving quality and yields.

LUPIN BIO SCIENCE  strives to be a front runner in the Indian Animal Health Market by Providing a range odd products that satisfy the needs of the Vaterinarians and Animal owners to maintain good health, improve productivity, prevent and cure diseases in Food Producing Animals,CompanianAnimals, Poultry and Aquaculture.

 We will achieve this by.

  • Understanding customer needs and expectations and continually improving our systems and processes to satisfy them.
  • Continually expanding our product offerings.
  • Ensuring continuous compliance with Regulatory requirements.
  • Ensuring involvement of employees by harnessing their competence.