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Due the Aquatic animals perform their bodily functions and due to the wastage of feed, dead algoe, molted exo-skeleton, the concentration of the bottom soil being polluted and hence pathogen bacteria increases. Presence of obnoxious gases like H2s, Ammonia Nitrate will attack the survival and growth of aquatic animals. In such conditions, PRO-NEX emerges out to combat the bottom impurities and augment the process of Bio-degration there by pollution will be decrease.

Benefits :

  • Multi strain Probiotics
  • Degrades the organic matter and restores the Eco-system
  • Reduces the sludge formation at the bottom of the pond
  • Improves the oxygen
  • Reduces all Toxic gases.
  • Improves the water quality
  • Works efficiently in wide ranges of PH (4-10) and salinity (0-45)
  • Prevents Vibrio
  • Pro-Nex develops useful blooms
  • Pro-Nex develops waste materials converted into useful nutrients

Doosage & Usage :

1. Vannamei Prawn culture : 1000 Gms/Hectare once in every 7 days

2. 2. Fish culture ponds : 1000 gms / 2 Hectare once in every 30 days

Composition :

Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus Lichen forms, Pseudomonas, B. Nitrobacter,
B. Nitrosomonas, B. Polymixa, B. Subtillis, Acetobacter, Bifidobacterium
Longum, Baclius subtilus, Lactobacllus acidofillus and enzymes etc.

Presentation : 1 Kg

Probitic content :

4×10 9 CFU/Gram
of Micro organism