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Pond bottom always plays a key role in aquaculture and every aquaculture and every aquaculturist Is to be keen in making it pollution free. Left over feed, Droppings of the animals, Dead animals, Harmful algae on decomposition releases lot obnoxious gases like Methane, Hydrogen Sulphde, Sulphur Dioxide, Ammonia, Methane, Nitrites which are all toxic and carcinogenic. These gases Will aftect the survival, growth, health of the aquatic animals.

Acitivated Carbon present binds the Harmful Gases and also traps Toxins and Virus. Saponins from Yucca Shiddeghere and Trigonella forenum graecum help in binding these gases. Glycocomponents Are highly thermostable molecular structures with an ability to bind ammonia.


o Bind all obnoxious gases
o Biodegrades leftover feed, excreta, dead algae and other decaying organic matter
o Converts all pollutants into Nutrients
o Eliminates the off flavor muddy smell of the yield
o Helps maintain proper pH
o Helps to reduce Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD)
o Improves FCR

Presentation :

500 GMS
o Increase growth rates
o Provides more Dissolved Oxyhen (DO) available for higher stocking density
o Reduces ammonia, nitrite, Phosphate, hydrogen sulphide and other obnoxious gases in the pond water medium
o Works in both fresh and brackish water

Dosage And Application :

Extensive culture:250 GMS / Acre
Semi-intensive culture:500 Gms/Acre
Intensive culture:1000 Gms/Acre