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Zeo-D pfor highest C.E.C & Probiotics in powder form for use in Aquaculture pond. Zeo-D is a concentrated form ofGranules or Powder with probiotics fortified with major compounds such as



    • Works as water purifier by adsorbing suspended solids and toxic gases from water
    • Due to high CEC, gives better results in lesser quantity
    • Cleans the bottom of the pond by adsorbing, waste & dirty material
    • Dissolves more oxygen in pond bottom and facilitates better growth & reproduction of plankton.


Important :

Dosage and time of Zeo-D be adjusted based on culture & condition Prevailing in pond from time to time.


Composition :

SiO 65-70%
Ai2O 20-22%
Fe2P 2-3%
CaO 16-18%
MgO 3-5%
Na2O 1-2%
Bacillus Sp


Dosage :

Black Tiger Prawn Culture pond minimum 10 Kgs per Acre.
Vannamei Shrimp culture pond 10-15Kgs. Fish culture Pond 10 Kgs.

Presentation :

25 Kgs Packing