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Virn-X :

is recommended for safe and effective control of all types of viruses, bacteria, fungi, yeasts and moulds.

A Unique Powerful Formulation :

  • Rapid and strong action on all pathogenic microbes.
  • Effective on porous surfaces such s wood, against organic challenge, in hard water and at low temperature
  • High levels of surfactancy with acidic and oxidising powers providing superior destruction of bilfilms.
  • Complete control – aerial, surface and water system disinfectant
  • Potassium monopersulphate compound : 49.8% w/w (Containing Triple salt
  • Potassium monopersulphate, Potassium hydrogen sulphate, Potassium sulphate)
  • Sodium chloride : 1.5 % w/w
  • Surfactants, organic acids and an inorganic buffer system form the inert ingredients.

Friendly and Convenient:

  • Non-corrosive and non-staining
  • Completely biodegradable
  • Prolonged activity
  • Safe to handle


  • High surface activity – Can be applied to surfaces and equipment to clean and disinfect in a one-step
  • Suitable for all farm operations.

Specific disinfection in Poultry

Disease condition Dilution rate Viru-X per liter of water
Chicken Anemia 1:5 20g
Egg-drop Syndrome , Hemorrhagic Enteritis,Inclusion 1:100 10g
Infections Bursal Disease, Ranikhet Disease, Infectious Bronchitis,Avian adeno viral Diarrhea 1:100 10g
Fowl Pox, Avian Influenza 1:300 3.5g
Marek’s Disease, Infectious Layngotracheitis 1:600 1.5g



Specific disinfection in Aqua

Reservoir pond 1.2 ppm Add product to pond 24-72 hours adding or recirculating to the grow out pond
Pond Preparation 12 ppm 92 hours before introduction of Pl allowing for bloom
Grow-out period 0.6-1.2ppm Every 7-10 days discuontinue dosage at least 7 days prior to harvest waste water especially



Presentation 500 gms
Precautions Avoid contact of powder with skin, eyes or the respiratory system. Handle in such a way as to minimize dust release. In case of contact with skin /eyes flush immediately with plenty of water. Seek medical advice.Do not mix other chemicals
Storage : Store in tightly closed containers in a cool dry place. Sweep up powder spillage. Flush residual powder away with plenty of water.