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Due to the sudden onset of diseases aqua culture field suffering with major economic crisis. At this juncture came AMINI-ZQ as a boon to farmers. AMINI-ZQ has been scientifically formulated to improve physiology and immune defence of shrimp. This unique anti-stress properties of AMINI-ZQ will help the animal to overcome stress associated with the culture. Since the aquatic animals cannot synthesize vitamins and amino acids, it is important to supplement to feed with essentials vitamins, minerals, amino acids and 1,3/1,6, beta-glucons, enzymes a liver stimulants, feed probiotics and spiruling combination, Thus improve the physiology and immune defence of the shrimp leading to ultimate growth booster.

Dosage & Usage

Normal condition : 5Gms / Kg of geed
Stress condition : 10 Gms / Kg of feed

Presentation :

500 Gms


  • Develops immunity and good health
  • Prevents onset of diseases
  • Reduces whit gut and stress
  • Helps complete digestion
  • Decreases the feed cost
  • Helps for moulting process
  • Develops survival growth